e-LV (Twardowski Digital Archives - Archives Numériques de l’École de Lvov et de Varsovie) is a project of IHPST/Paris (Institut d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques).

The site elv-akt.net contains digital archives of manuscripts and prints of both Twardowski and the philosophers of his School.

e-LV Archives is also a platform of research and information exchange between scientists, in the field of Polish analytical philosophy. The Editions e-LV will provide the editing and translation of manuscripts originally archived in text mode (XML/TEI).

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If you find the Elv-Akt archives useful for your work, please mention it when citing sources of information. At the top of each file, there is a french-style bibliographical reference to help you referring properly to the archive.


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Introduction to Statistical Methods in Linguistics with Python

Sunday 13 December 2015

Lundi le 14 décembre 2015, grâce au soutien de l'Ambassade de France à Varsovie et de l'Institut français de Pologne à Varsovie, Alexandre Roulois (CNRS/Laboratoire de Linguistique Formelle (LLF)/Paris-Diderot) donne une conférence suivie d'un tutoriel : Introduction to statistical methods in linguistics with Python.

Organisateur : Wioletta Miskiewicz (CNRS/Archives Henri-Poincaré UMR 7117/e-LV), dans le cadre du programme « Humanités Numériques : projets, hommes, th… [More about]

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Archives of the Lvov-Warsaw School

The elv-akt website has been created according to the terms of the convention signed on July 22nd 2005 in Warsaw by the Polish Academy of Sciences, the University of Paris (Paris 1) and the Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), concerning the “collaboration for the digitalization and the scientific operating and development of the archives of the Lvov-Warsaw School”.

The Archives of the Lvov-Warsaw School/Kazimierz Twardowski Archives is part of the PROJET elv-akt program, directed by W. Miskiewicz (CNRS) at the Institut d’Histoire et de Philosophie des Sciences et des Techniques (University of Paris 1-CNRS-Ecole Normale Supérieure). [Click here for a complete presentation]

The Lvov-Warsaw School

For many years, some of Twardowski’s best students have been the focus of scientific research all over the world (one may think of Lukasiewicz, Lesniewski, Tarski, Kotarbinski, Adjukiewicz, and Ingarden). The School itsef has also become a topic of investigation sui generis, while it is still looking for an fully appropriate name : the Philosophical school of Lvov and Warsaw, the Logical and philosophical school of Lvov and Warsaw, the Logical and mathematical school of Lvov-Warsaw. [Click here for a complete presentation]

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