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The site elv-akt.net contains digital archives of manuscripts and prints of both Twardowski and the philosophers of his School.

e-LV Archives is also a platform of research and information exchange between scientists, in the field of Polish analytical philosophy. The Editions e-LV will provide the editing and translation of manuscripts originally archived in text mode (XML/TEI).

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ELV/TEI workshop: On the importance and interoperability of digital resources in the Humanities: TEI – a promising new tool for researches in the Humanities?

Tuesday 12 May 2009

Atelier ELV/TEI
Sur l'importance et l'interopérabilité des ressources numériques dans les SHS :
TEI – l'outil d'avenir du chercheur SHS ?
samedi 16 mai 2009
à l'IHPST (13, rue du Four, Paris)

Since 2002 Lou BURNARD is the Assistant Director of the Oxford University Computing Services. His work deals with computer science applications in the various fields of the Humanities, especially in corpus linguistics (British National Corpus), in digital libraries (Oxford Text Archives) and in the practice and principles of text encoding. LB is one of the designers of the TEI and is a well-known expert in the field of “text encoding”. In his lecture L. BURNARD will present the implications and scope of the TEI today, while clarifying the appeal of this system for digital resource integration and interoperability in the Humanities. The other talks will deal the following topics:

* the Humanistic Digital Library (M-L DEMONET)
* optimizing information access on the web, visualization (J-D FEKETE)
* reconstructing the dynamics of the scientific fields (D. CHAVALARIAS)
* analyzing a scientific-article-corpus in linguistics (D. CHAVALARIAS)
* using the TEI as methodological support for information extraction on manuscripts (N. DUFOURNAUD)
* electronic publishing and the use of encoding in philosophical archives (W. Miskiewicz & A. ROULOIS)


(The abstracts of the talks are available at:

Présidence : Jacques DUBUCS

10h-11h Lou BURNARD (Univ. d'Oxford)
Les enjeux et la portée de la TEI aujourd'hui
11h-11h45 Marie-Luce DEMONET (Univ. François-Rabelais Tours)
La "conversion" des Bibliothèques Virtuelles Humanistes (BVH) à la TEI
11h45-12h30 Jean-Daniel FEKETE (INRIA)

--- Pause déjeuner ---

14h-14h30 David CHAVALARIAS (CREA)
Reconstruction de la dynamique des sciences par l'analyse de mots associés
14h30-15h Céline POUDAT ( Univ. de Nice-Sophia Antipolis)
Annoter un corpus d'articles scientifiques: choix d'encodage et pouvoir heuristique de la TEI
15h-15h30 Nicole DUFOURNAUD (Univ. François-Rabelais Tours)
Utilisation de la TEI comme support méthodologique au dépouillement des manuscrits
15h30-16h Discussion générale

--- Pause café ---

16h15-17h Wioletta MISKIEWICZ & Alexandre ROULOIS
L'édition électronique et l'utilisation d'encodage dans des archives philosophiques – les éditions ELV.

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