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The site elv-akt.net contains digital archives of manuscripts and prints of both Twardowski and the philosophers of his School.

e-LV Archives is also a platform of research and information exchange between scientists, in the field of Polish analytical philosophy. The Editions e-LV will provide the editing and translation of manuscripts originally archived in text mode (XML/TEI).

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Scholars’ Archives: Eugene Wasilewski

Saturday 19 December 2009

The research archives of Eugene Wasilewski (Eugenijus Grigalus Vasilevskis) are now available online: with this new venture, we inaugurate the new rubric “Scholars’s Archives”.

Dr Wasilewski is the author of more than sixty articles and chapters of scientific works. He was born in Vilna in 1943 and defended his thesis on “The critical analysis of Ernst Fischer’s practical philosophy” at Moscow University in 1970. He teaches the history of philosophy, logic and ethics in Vilna. He has been an active collaborator of the Polish University in Vilnus (Universitas Studiorum Polona Vilensis) since 1991. One of the strong points of his research concerns the history of philosophy in Vilna between the two world wars. There was a quite remarkable group of philosophers around Tadeusz Czezowski at the Stefan Batory University in Wilno. (Czezowski was a philosopher of science, a disciple of Twardowski and one of the ‘Just of the Nations’.) Part of these archives, containing documents pertaining to the group’s activity in the philosophy of law and the philosophy of medecine, was transfered to the Kopernik University of Torun after the war. The remaining part was believed to be lost. It was then located and retrieved among the Archives of the State of Lithuania (LCVA). Dr Wasilewski has been able to identify these remaining archives and to give an accurate description of them. His research notes have now been expertised by professors J. Jadacki (University of Warsaw) and J. Wolenski (Jagellon University of Cracow). They are now available on line (together with the shelf marks of the original documents in the LCVA Archives). Scholars may now access unique and valuable information and documents on Aleksandra Wanda Siekierko-Filipecka-Zajkowska, Edward Hoffman, Franciszek Indan-Pykna, Jan Rutski, Stanislaw Wawrzynczyk, Stefan Burhardt, Tadeusz Czezowski and Wieslawa Woyczynska.

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