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The site elv-akt.net contains digital archives of manuscripts and prints of both Twardowski and the philosophers of his School.

e-LV Archives is also a platform of research and information exchange between scientists, in the field of Polish analytical philosophy. The Editions e-LV will provide the editing and translation of manuscripts originally archived in text mode (XML/TEI).

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Traduction of Twardowski's "/O czynnościach i wytworach/" (/Actions and Products/) by himself

Tuesday 22 February 2011

The french translation of O cznnościach i wytworach (Lvov, 1912), made by Twardowski himself, is now available on line in its XML/TEI version. You may also access the scanned document.

A french translation of O czynnościach i wytworach has previously been published in the volume À l'École de Brentano. De Würzbourg à Vienne, edited by D. Fisette and G. Fréchette under the title Fonctions et formations. Quelques remarques aux confins de la psychologie, de la grammaire et de la logique (Paris, Vrin, 2007, pp. 343-385). Despite the historical justifications given by the editors, the translation of the title as “Fonctions et formations” [Functions and Formations] is counter-intuitive and problematic. Let us recall that an english translation of the text is available: Actions and Products, ed. J. Brandl & J.Woleński, Rodopi, (1999).

The diplomatic transcription of the manuscript we are putting at the disposal of researchers includes all the alterations and thus allows the reader to follow the translation in process. It shows that Twardowski himself leaves two options open (see, e.g., the end of § 2).

The projet of a tri-lingual critical electronic version of the book is under way at e-LV Publishing under the direction of Wioletta Miskiewicz.

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Wednesday 07 June 2017

The e-LV project moved to the Poincaré Archives (Laboratoire d’Histoire des Sciences et de Philosophie, UMR 7117, CNRS/Université de Lorraine, Nancy).
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